HC Deb 24 June 1842 vol 64 cc615-6

Lord Ashley moved the further consideration of the report on the Mines and Collieries Bill.

Mr. Ainsworth

objected to proceeding with the bill at that late hour. If it were proceeded with he should move the adjournment of the debate. He would support the clauses relating to the non-employment of women in the collieries, but should oppose those clauses relating to the employment of boys.

Mr. H. Lambton

thought the hon. Member had exaggerated the effect which this bill would have on the state of the workers in and proprietors of coal mines. The coal-owners of the north were prepared to adopt the bill.

Mr. Ainsworth

had consulted many of the coal-owners of Lancashire and Yorkshire, and it was the general opinion that the bill would inflict great misery by causing the discharge of great numbers of persons.

Mr. R. Scott

said, with regard to the north of England mines, they were different from the mines in Yorkshire and Lancashire; the bill could not affect them. He might also observe, that the bill would be an advantage to the owners of the northern mines, as it would throw impediments in the way of the working of the other mines.

Report received.

Bill to be read a third time.

House adjourned.