HC Deb 21 June 1842 vol 64 c348
Mr. Mangles

wished to ask distinctly whether any advance had been made to the East-India Company, or whether any was contemplated to be made on account of the war in Affghanistan? The right hon. Baronet was reported to have said, that 100,00l. had been advanced for the purpose of the war in Affghanistan; and the erroneous statement was confirmed by another mistake relative to papers which were laid on the Table by the hon. Gentleman, the Secretary to the Treasury.

Sir R. Peel

hoped, that hon. Gentlemen would give him notice of such questions as this, as he could hardly be prepared to answer every question that might be asked at the moment. What he said on the occasion referred to was this, that the operations of the war in Affghanistan required so large an expenditure on the part of the East-India Company, that it would be an inconvenience to them to be too far in advance to the Government on account of the Chinese war—a war carried on at the charge of the public of this country. He intended, therefore, to propose a vote of a sum to the East-India Company on account of the Chinese war expenditure; but he never said that there had been, or would be, an advance on account of the hostilities in Affghanistan.

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