HC Deb 17 June 1842 vol 64 c90

BILLS. Public—1° Customs Act (The Tariff).

2° Poor-law; Primrose-hill. Committed.—Justices Jurisdiction.

3° and passed:—Assessed Taxes; Salmon Fisheries (Scotland); Dean Forest Poor.

Private.Reported.—Deptford Pier.

3° and passed:—London and Greenwich Railway (No. 3).

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Sir B. Hall, Captain Pechell, Mr. S. Crowford, Colonel T. Wood, Mr. Leader, and Mr. Stuart Wortley, from Rochdale, Whitechapel, Kingston-upon-Hull, St. Pancras, West Ham, Brighton, St. George the Martyr, Southwark, St James's, Westminster, and St. Mary Abbotts, Kensington, against the Poor-law Amendment Act.—By Caetain Pechell, from Berwick, Brunk-low, Bed worth, and other places, against the Dissolution of Gilbert's Unions.—From Leigh, in Kent, against Railway Travelling on the Sabbath.—From Lambeth, for the Better Gbservance of the Sabbath.—From St. John's, Clerkenwell, for the Redemption of the Tolls on Waterloo, and the other Metropolitan Bridges.—By Dr. Bow-ring, from Warrington, for the substitution of Declarations in lieu of Oaths.—From Rathdrum, for Alteration of the present system of Education in Ireland.—From the Middleton Union, for the Abolition of the Tax on Coals and Culm.—From Yetholm, and the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, for the Abolition of Lay Patronage.—By Lord Ashley, from Sheepridge, Rochdale, Hulrne, and Great Bolton, for Limiting the Hours of Labour to Young Persons working in the Factories.—From Amberley, Stockwell, and Lambeth, against any further Grant to Maynooth College.—From Trustees of the Dudley Hill, Killinghall, and Harrow-gate Turnpike Roads, and of Leeds, and Halifax, against the Turnpike Roads Bill.