HC Deb 15 June 1842 vol 63 cc1585-6
Mr. D'Israeli

wished to put a question to the right hon. Baronet respecting the disputed boundary with America. He had seen it reported, that there was a virtual relinquishment of the territory in dispute, and that the State of Maine required compensation for the territory which was given up. He had also seen that her Majesty's envoy entertained a proposition of this kind, and it was generally supposed, that it would be acceded to by the commissioners of Maine. If such an arrangement were entered into the result would be, that they would be in possession of a much inferior boundary. He wished to know whether there was any truth in this statement; and also whether the right hon. Gentleman had instituted any in- quiry into the reason why the solemn award of a friendly power for the adjudication of the question had been set aside by her Majesty's Government?

Sir R. Peel

thought, the question of the hon. Member altogether premature. It would be most improper to give an answer in the present state of the negotiations. He held in his hand a despatch from Lord Ashburton, which stated, that certain commissioners had been appointed by the state of Maine, but he believed that Lord Ashburton had had no communication with them. The transaction rested altogether between the State of Maine and the general government of the United States. Negotiations of the greatest importance were pending, but he felt it to be wholly inconsistent with his duty to make any statement respecting them to the House.

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