HC Deb 06 June 1842 vol 63 c1238

MINUTES.] NEW MEMBER.—Robert Bateson, Esq., for Londonderry County.

BILLS. Public.—2°. Slave Trade Suppression (Hayti); Slave Trade Abolition (Argentine Confederation); Slave Trade Treaties.

Private.—1°. Bathurst's Estate.

Reported.—Medbourn Inclosure (No. 2); North American Colonial Association of Ireland; Church Stretton and Longden Roads; Imperial Insurance Company; Stourbridge Roads; Gravesend Town Pier; London and Greenwich Railway (No. 3); Imperial Bank of England; Tay Ferries; Fleetwood Improvement and Market; Sudbury Improvement.

3°. and passed:—Camberwell and Peckham Lighting; Lincoln Roads; Wicklow Harbour; Thames Haven Dock and Railway; St. Pancras Improvement; Ely Place Improvement; Brentford Gas; Cass's Estate; City of Glasgow Life Assurance and Reversionary Company; Forth Marine Insurance Company; Metropolitan Patent Wood Paving Company (No. 2); Lough Foyle Drainage.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Mr. Humphrey, from Southwark, against Reduction of the Duties on Leather, and Boots and Shoes.—By Mr. Labouchere, and Lord Sandon, from Leith, and Liverpool, against the Reduction of the Duties on Cordage, etc.—By Mr. Thorneley, from Liverpool, for the Reduction of the Duty on Foreign Sugar; and from Prescott, for the Reduction of the Duty on Coffee.—From the Legislative Council of Prince Edward Island, for the Repeal of the Duty on Colonial Com and Provisions.—By Mr. O'Connell, from P. S. Cropper, for Investigation into the late Proceedings at the Belfast Election.—From Ulverstone, and Fylde Union, for Alteration of the Poor-law Amendment Act.