HC Deb 21 July 1842 vol 65 c396

BILLS. Public.— Committed,— Grand jury Presentments (Ireland); Manchester, Birmingham, and Bolton Police; Assessed Taxes; Lunatic Asylums (Ireland).

Reported.—Licensed Lunatic Asylums; Customs Acts Amendment; Exchequer Bills Preparation.

3° and passed:—South Australia.

Private. —3° and passed:— Lord Sherborne's Estate; Gibson's Estate.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Sir R. Inglis, from the Tower Hamlets, against a further grant to Maynooth.—By Mr. Villiers, from Girvan, and a Conference Meeting hi Palace-yard, for a Repeal of the Corn-laws.—By Sir G. Rose, from Christchurch, Evesham; and by Mr. Aldan, from Churwell Unions, against the Poor-law Amendment Bitl—By Mr. Hawes, from Putney, for the Redemption of the Tolts on the Metropolitan Bridgee—By Mr. Forbes, from Coltiers of Falkirk Moor, for Alteration in the mode of Weighing their Work.—From Marylebone, for the Establishment of Home Colonies.—,From Warrington, for Medical Reform.—From the Grand Jury of Antrim, against placing Medical Charities (Ireland) under the control of the Poor-law Commissioners.—From J. Beaumont and Son, against the Tobacco Regulations From Rochdale, in favour of the Bill for protecting her Majesty's Person.—From Loanhead Colliery, Edinburgh, against the Mines and Collieries Bitl.—From Downham Union, for rating the Owners of Small Tenements.—Ri Captain Pechell, from Sarah Esther Ricketts, complaining of the Reduction of the half-pay of Lieutenant Bevan, while in the Lunatic Asylum, Hasler.