HC Deb 21 July 1842 vol 65 cc400-1
Mr. Hume

had a notice on the paper for the production of the correspondence between the Board of Directors of the East India Company and the Government on the subject of Indian finance, in reference to the expenses of the Chinese and Affghan wars. The East India Company thought that as the Affghan war had been undertaken for British purposes, the nation ought to bear the expense of it; and he believed the directors had addressed the Government on the subject. The right hon. Baronet, too, had, in bringing forward his budget, alluded to the subject of Indian finance, and therefore it was of importance that the House should be in possession of information on the subject. He (Mr. Hume), however, had understood from the Board of Control that the correspondence was still going on, and that it would prejudice the public service if it were produced at present. Under these circumstances he would withdraw his motion.

Sir R. Peel

The hon. Gentleman has alluded to some observations of mine with reference to Indian finance. I certainly did state that there was a great deficiency in the finances of two portions of our empire. I stated the domestic deficiency at 2,500,000l, and I said also that, taking the two last years in India, there was a deficiency there of 2,400,000l. I added that, though it was then impossible to enter into a consideration of Indian finances, yet the state of those finances rendered it still more desirable to maintain the public credit at home. I did not, however, say, that the Indian Government had made any claim on the English Government for the expences of the wars to which the hon. Gentleman has alluded.

Mr. Hume

I did not say that they made any claim, but that the Court of Directors thought they had such a claim.