HC Deb 20 July 1842 vol 65 c344
Lord Clements

found a very large sum appropriated under the heads of police rewards and superannuation fund. One amounted to 7,045l., and the other to 18,280l. Now, as no estimate was taken of these sums, and as part of them was provided for by a compulsory assessment on the counties, he wished to know the intentions of the Government as to their disposal.

Lord Eliot

having had notice, he had written to Colonel Macgregor on the subject, and the answer was, that the present system of rewards had received the sanction of the late Government, and that though the scale of rewards was doubled, no person received any while in the service. Colonel Macgregor added, that if they were lessened, such a step would have the effect of chilling the zeal of the force.