HC Deb 15 July 1842 vol 65 c202

On the vote of 7,099l. for defraying the expenses of the settlement of Western Australia,

Mr. Williams

thought it would be much better if the colonies maintained themselves, instead of their being supported by this country.

Lord Stanley

said, experience had shown that in the infancy of colonies it was impossible they could bear their own expenses, and they must necessarily entail some expense on the mother country.

Mr. Ward

complained of the course which had been pursued with respect to South Australia. If they created expensive colonial establishments and sent out officers over whom the colonists had no control, it was not surprising that their efforts at colonization failed.

Mr. Hume

said, that in one instance an immense grant of land had been made to one individual in South Australia. He was convinced that if the Government dealt fairly by the colonies, they would soon be able to bear the expenses of their own maintenance.

Vote agreed to.