HC Deb 12 July 1842 vol 65 cc17-8

MUNITES] BILLS. Publicߞ 1° Sudbury Disfranchisement; Witnesses Indemnity; Protection of her Majesty's person

3° and passed: —Fisheries Treaty; Slave Trade Treaties Acts Continuance.

Private.—1° Crawford's Estate.

3° and passed:—Cambuslang and Muirkirk Roads (No.

2); Viscount Fitzwilliam's Estate; Vere's Divorce Duke of Cleveland's Estate, Davidson's Estate,

Reported.—Linen etc. Manufactures (Ireland); Turnpike Acts Continuance.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. From Bath, for Inquiry into the System of Education pursued at Maynooth.—From Sun-ridge, for Amendment of the Poor-law Amendment Act, —By Mr. Codrington, Colonel T. Wood, and other hon. Members, from Crickhowel, Darlington, Houghton-le-Spring, Easington, Rimeoon, Augarth, East Grinsted, and other Unions, against the Poor-law Amendment Bill.—By Mr. Serjeant Jackson, from Magouvney, for Alteration of the Present System of Education (Ireland).—By Mr. Litton, from Colerain, against the Tobacco Regulations Bill.