HC Deb 12 July 1842 vol 65 c19
Captain Pechell

wished to ask the right hon. Baronet at the head of her Majesty's Government a question with reference to two bills that were reported at a late hour last night. The one was the Fisheries Treaties Bill, the other the Slave Trade Treaties Act Continuance Bill. The first bill gave authority to the Privy Council to carry into effect any agreement which might be come to by commissioners appointed on the part of this country and of France for regulating the fishery on the coasts of the two countries. He wished to know whether that negotiation was brought to an end, and whether care had been taken that the regulations should be such as the fishermen would be guided by? As to the Slave Trade Treaties Continuance Bill, he wished to know whether it was the intention of her Majesty's Government to introduce any measure for appropriating the proceeds of the slave vessels captured since the Portuguese act of 1839? 80,000l. which belonged to the captors was now locked up. This was exceedingly hard on the captors, who were thus deprived of that which was justly due to them.

Sir R. Peel

could not, with respect to the first question, give the gallant Officer information on a question that was not yet settled. As to the other question, he must pause before he consented to introduce a bill on the subject in the present Session.