HC Deb 01 July 1842 vol 64 cc860-1

The Order of the Day for the further consideration of the report on the Bribery Bill was read, and, on the motion that the bill be re-committed,

Sir W. Follett

said, the bill in its present shape, had been only twenty-four hours printed, and therefore he had not examined it minutely. He had gone enough into it, however, to see that, as the clauses were now drawn up, it would be impossible to carry the bill into effect. The same feeling existed on both sides of the House that the bill should be effectual, and he thought the better course would be, to refer it to a select committee, for the purpose of having it put into a shape in which it might be more satisfactorily discussed by the House. The noble Lord might frame the committee in such a manner that it would be likely to carry his intentions into full effect.

Mr. C. Wood

had come to precisely the same conclusion as the hon. and learned Gentleman, and thought it would be the best plan to refer the bill to a select committee of no great number, who might put the bill into such a shape that the House could discuss it with advantage.

Mr. Mackinnon

would not interfere by the motion of which he had given notice, with referring the bill to a committee up stairs, but he thought it could not be improved without altering the principles, and should oppose it on the third reading.

Bill to be re-committed to a select committee. To be nominated.

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