HC Deb 25 February 1842 vol 60 cc1091-2

MINUTES.) BILLS; Public.—1o. Building Regulations (No. 2.); Borough Improvements (No. 2.); West-India Clergy, and Parish Property.

2o. Marriages (Ireland); Van Dieman's Land; Apprentices Regulation; Queen's Prison.

3o, and passed:—Duchy of Cornwall.Private.—1o Cheltenham Union Railway; Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway; Mitford's Divorce.

20. o Bradford Waterworks; Brandling Junction Railway; Kingsclere Enclosure.

ELECTION PETITION. Wareham Election.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Sir A. Leith Hay, Lord Dalmeny, Captain Berkeley, Mr. P. M. Stewart, Sir G. Strickland, and a number of other Members, from Campsall, Glasgow, Thorne, Spitalfields, and several other places, for the Repeal of the Corn-laws.—By Lord Worsley, from the Grimsby Agricultural Association, against the Proposed Measure of the Corn-laws.—By Lord Grimston, from Hitchin, suggesting Alteration in the Scale of Duties.—By Mr. Arkwright, from Scarcliff and Bolsover, in favour of the Ministerial Measure.—By Lord Acheson, Mr. Sergeant Jackson, Captain Meynell, Mr. E. Tennent, and Lord Eliot, from Congregations of Presbyterians, (Ireland), for Legalizing certain Marriages by Dissenters.—By Lord Dalmeny, Dr. Bowring, Marquess of Granby, and Mr. Leader, from Places in the Metropolis, for the Redemption of Tolls on the Metropolitan Bridges.—By Mr. Colville, from Biggin, Elton. and Harlington, against the Renewal of the Poor-law.—By Mr. G. Ward, from the Kendal Union, for an Alteration of the Poor law