HC Deb 14 February 1842 vol 60 c328
Lord Granville Somerset

moved the following resolutions: That with respect to all petitions for private bills presented in the present Session which proceed from the same parties, or some of them, and which are substantially for the same objects as they were sought by any bills which had passed the second reading in the last Session of the last Parliament, and were pending at the dissolution of that Parliament, a compliance with the requisite standing orders preparatory to the introduction of such bills in that Session, be deemed a sufficient compliance with the standing orders of this House, so as to authorise the introduction of such bills in the present Session, provided it shall be proved that notices of the intended application to introduce such bills shall have been given in the London Gazette and some newspaper of the county or districts to which such bills relate, in the months of October or November last. That with respect to such petitions the minutes of the proceedings of, or the minutes of evidence taken by, the committee on petitions for private bills in the last Session of the last Parliament, be taken by the committee on petitions for private bills in the present Session, as evidence of the compliance with the said standing orders; but such committee may call for further evidence, if in any case they may deem it necessary. That the committee upon any private bill do examine, in the first place, whether the said bill be for the same purpose as any bill which was presented in the last Session of the last Parliament, and contain the same clauses and provisions as were contained in such former bill in the last stage of its proceeding, and whereupon any proceedings were pending on the dissolution of the last Parliament; and in such case that all minutes of evidence, together with any documents therein referred to, which were taken before the former committee on such bill, be received in evidence of the allegations therein contained. That, to enable the parties promoting any such bill to avail themselves of the last mentioned resolution, they shall, after the introduction of such bill, and previously to the second reading thereof, give notice, once in the London Gazette, and once in some newspaper usually circulated in the district or districts to which the bill specially relates, that it is their intention to proceed with the bill, and to avail themselves of the above resolution: and that the committee on the bill do examine how far such resolution has been complied with, and do report the same to the House on the report of the bill.

Agreed to.

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