HC Deb 04 February 1842 vol 60 cc74-5
Sir R. Peel

said, he had now to propose to the House another address, in which he was sure that every Member present would most cordially join. It was an address of congratulation to his Royal Highness Prince Albert upon the auspicious event of the birth of a Prince of Wales. He felt assured, that that illustrious Prince had, by the course which he had pursued since he became connected with this country, entitled himself to, and obtained, the general, the universal respect of every Englishman. He felt, therefore, no doubt, that the House would adopt the address of congratulation which he now proposed to his Royal Highness with the same unanimity that had marked their acquiescence in the address to her Majesty. The right hon. Baronet moved,

"That a congratulatory message be sent to his Royal Highness Prince Albert, on the happy occasion of the birth of a Prince, the Heir Apparent to the Throne."

"To assure his Royal Highness that we cordially rejoice in an event so calculated to increase the domestic happiness of Her Majesty and of his Royal Highness, and to maintain the best interests of the country, by continuing the succession to the Throne in a Prince whose mind and dispositions will be formed under the instructions and example of his illustrious parents."

Lord John Russell

begged to express his entire concurrence in the sentiments uttered by the right hon. Baronet, and he had great pleasure in seconding the adoption of the Address.

Address agreed to nem. con. To be presented to his Royal Highness at 1 o'clock on the following day.