HC Deb 12 August 1842 vol 65 c1305

PETITIONS PRESENTED. From James Bowditch, complaining of the Illegal Detention in the island of Jersey of Rigby Collins.— From Glasgow, Swinnerton, Leek, Nantwich, Girvan, Brindle, Milton, New Lanark, Milnathorpe, Fintry and Sudbury, for Repeal of the Corn-laws. —From Glasgow, to encourage the Importation of Grain in preference to Flour.—From Rochester and Chatham, for allowing the Duty on Stocks of Wine in hand.—From Rochester, complaining of Bribery at the last Election, and praying for Inquiry.—From Glasgow, against the Reduction of the duty on Cordage.—From Lauder and Warminster, for ameliorating the condition of Schoolmasters (Scotland).