HC Deb 04 August 1842 vol 65 c1030

MINUTES.] BILLS. Public—1o 20 Boroughs Incorporation

2oInsolvent Debtors.

Committed—Exechequer Bills; Consolidated Fund.

Reported.— Court of Chancery Offices; Lunatic Asylums Ireland).

30 and passed:—slave Trade Suppression; Tobacco Regulations.

Private.Reported.—Cauvin's Estate; Street's, Divorce.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Mr. Brotherton from the Corporation of Bristol against the County (Courts Bili.—By Sir R. Peel, from Newtown Crommelin, for Alteration to the present System of Education (Ireland).— From the Hailsham union, to rite the Clergy to provide Spiritual Instruction for Paupers,—From Newcastle-upon-Tyne, in favour of Medical Reform.—By Mr. Pringle, from Schoolmasters of Stirling, the ameliorating of their conditions.