HC Deb 03 August 1842 vol 65 c978
Mr. Hutt

begged to ask a question of the hon. Member for London. In the previous Session of Parliament the hon. Member had given notice of his intention to move for a committee to inquire into the effect which the various alterations made in the Navigation Acts had produced on the trade and shipping of the country. Now, he (Mr. Hutt) wished to know whether the hon. Member still proposed to undertake such an investigation? The hon. Member's notice had excited considerable interest in the outports, and it was desirable, therefore, to know whether it would be persevered in during next Session,

Mr. Lyall

begged to state, in reply to the question of the hon. Gentleman, that it was his intention to move in the ensuing Session for the appointment of a committee for the objects specified by the hon. Gentleman. He stated, that he fully intended to have done so in the course of the present Session, but the important measures successfully introduced by her Majesty's Ministers had engaged the attention of the House until (as it appeared to him) the Session was too far advanced to enter upon so extensive and complicated an inquiry. He was aware, however, that the subject excited considerable interest, more particularly in the present depressed state of our shipping; and it was, certainly, his intention to endeavour to bring the subject under the consideration of Parliament at an early period of the next Session,

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