HC Deb 01 August 1842 vol 65 c893

MINUTES.] NEW WRIT. Southampton, vice Lord Bruce, and Cecil Martyn, Esq.—Belfast, J. Tennent, Esq., and W. Johnstone, Esq.

BILLS. Public.—1° Coventry Boundary.

2°. Slave Trade Suppression; Court of Chancery Office: Canada Loan; Slavery (East Indies); County Courts.

Committed.—Tobacco Regulations; Bankruptcy Amendment.

Reported.—Lunacy; Bribery at Elections; Ecclesiastical Corporations Leasing (No. 2); Militia Pay.

3°. and passed:—Dublin Boundaries; Four Courts Marshalsea (Dublin).

Private.—2° Hele's Charity (Lowe's) Estate; Duke of Buckingham's Estate; Lord Dinorben's Estate; Street's Divorce.

3°. and passed:—Crawfurd's Estate.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. From Sidney Alley, Piccadilly, and Coventry Street, for Widening the new Street from Coventry Street to Long Acre.—From Holborn, Oxford Street, and other places, that the New Streets from Piccadilly to Long Acre, and between Oxford Street and Holborn, may be made of a greater Width than now proposed by the Commissioners of Woods and Forests.—From the Members of the Mayo Crand Jury, and the Governors of the Mayo County Infirmary, and the Members of the Mayo County Grand Jury, against vesting the control of Medical Charities in the Poor-law Commissioners.—From Leek, that Brewers' Casks may not be distrainable for the Rent of their Customers.—From Rottingdean, and other places, against the Application of any Portion of the Highway Rates to Turnpike Rates.