HC Deb 18 April 1842 vol 62 c640
Mr. Hutt

wished to ascertain from the right hon. Baronet, the First Lord of the Treasury, in what order he proposed to bring under the consideration of the House the different measures adverted to in his financial statement. The right hon. Baronet had stated the other evening, that after the Income-tax Bill had been read a second time, he would bring the tariff under consideration. His question was this:—Did the Government intend to take the tariff in precisely the same tabular order in which it stood in the printed paper? or was it intended to consider, first of all, those questions in the tariff which related to the supplies of the year, and afterwards questions of a purely commercial nature?

Sir Robert Peel

said, that the statement he had made was, that he wished to be certain that the Income-tax Bill would be adopted by the House before he proceeded with the consideration of the tariff. It was of great importance that the House should decide upon the question of the Income-tax, as, if it sanctioned the principle, there would be many details to be settled as to the mode of collection. He hoped, however, that the discussion in committee would not be very protracted, but he could not bring forward the tariff until he felt pretty well assured that the Income-tax would pass. When that should be the case, he would be perfectly willing to proceed with the tariff. He was as well aware as any hon. Member could be of the importance of taking the tariff into early consideration; and he trusted that the House would consider that measure as a whole whenever it should be submitted to their consideration. He saw no reason why the tariff should not be submitted to the consideration of the committee in exactly the form in what had been laid upon the Table of the House.