HC Deb 18 April 1842 vol 62 cc710-4

House in Committee of Supply.

Sir George Clerk,

in the absence of his right hon. Friend, the Chancellor of the Exchequer moved, that a sum not exceeding 8,253,000l., be granted to pro vide for outstanding Exchequer-bills during the ensuing year.—Agreed to.

On the motion, that the sum of 60,000l. be granted to defray the charges of civil contingencies, for the year 1842,

Mr. W. Williams

begged to be informed what the question or business was, which was before the House. Something relating to supplies had been brought forward, amidst the greatest noise and confusion, which prevented him from hearing a word of what was passing. This might be a very easy way to obtain votes of the public money, but it was not the proper method of proceeding.

Sir George Clerk

explained, that the present motion was, that the sum of 60,000l. be granted towards defraying the charges of civil contingencies for the year. The vote was necessary for the public service. The amount required would be 130,000l., though only 60,000l. were at present asked for.

Mr. W. Williams

having learned, that a sum of 8,000,000l. or more, had been voted away during the confusion, must say, that when such large votes were to be proposed, notice should be given of the intention to propose them. He should have had some remarks to make on the motion, but could not hear a single word that passed. If the hon. Gentleman meant to confine the present motion to a vote on account, he should not oppose it.

Vote agreed to.

House resumed.