HC Deb 13 April 1842 vol 62 c367

BILLS. Private.ߞ2° Great North of England (Clarence and Hartlepool Junction) Railway (No. 1); Sudbury Improvement.

Reported.-Wakeyhill Iuclosure; Saundersfoot Harbour; Saundersfoot Railway.

PETITIONS PHESKNTED. By Mr. S. Crawford, from Birmingham, for the Adoption of Universal Suffrage.- By Mr. Pusey, from the Farmers attending Abingdon Market, from Benington, Deskford, Cullen, and other places, against the Importation of Foreign Cattle and Meat- From Glanely, and Lhancho Errigle, against the present System of Education (Ireland).-From Darlington, against any further Grant to Maynooth College.-From Oxford, against any Reduction of the Duty on the Importation of Leather, and Boots and Shoes.-From Cork, for the Discouragement of Idolatry in India.-From Northampton, in favour of the Government proposed Financial Schemes.-From Preston, and Bolton-le-Moors, for the Repeal of the Union with Ireland.-From Dublin, against the Reduction of the Duty on Salted Provisions. -From the Chamber of Commerce at Hull, for the Limitation of the Size of Wood allowed to be Imported, and against any Export Duty on Coals consumed by British Steam Vessels on their Voyage to and from Foreign Ports.-From Stratton, complaining of Abuses in the Stratum Charities.-From J. Rawlins, against the Buildings' Regulation (No. 2) Bill.