HC Deb 11 April 1842 vol 62 c200

MINUTES.] BILLS. Public.—1° Turnpike Roads.

2°; Fisheries (Ireland).

3°. and passed:—Indemnity.

Private.—2°. Stockton and Hartlepool Railway; Dundee and Arbroath Railway; Bruntisland and Granton Pier, Road, and Ferry; Saltcoats Harbour; Aberdeenshire Roads; Carlow Road; Wrexham Road; Belfast and Cavehill Railway (Road and Shipping Place); Lincoln Roads.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Mr. Greene, Mr. Blewitt, and Mr. T. Duncombe, from Shoe and Boot Makers in Manchester, Monmouth, St. Andrew's, Holborn, Ashton-under-Lyne, Woolwich, Lancaster, Gloucester, Stockport, and other places, against the proposed Alteration of the Import Duty on Shoes and Boots.—By Mr. Brotherton, from Stourbridge, for the Substitution of Affirmations in Lieu of Oaths.—By Sir R. Ferguson, from the Provision Trade of Londonderry, from Carlton, Castle Camps, Querndon, Little Sampford, and a great many other places, against the proposed Alteration in the Tariff relative to Provisions.—By Lord F. Egerton, from Manchester, and the Vale of Leven, in favour of, and by Mr. French, from Roscommon, against the Financial Measures of the Government.—By Lord Howick, from the Proprietors of a Colliery near Sunderland, from Dublin, Swansea, Neath, and other places, against the proposed Export Duty on Coals.—By Mr. Pusey, from the Farmers of Farringdon Market, against the Tariff relative to Live Stock.—By Captain Hamilton, from Aylesbury, for a Law to prevent the Dog Cart nuisance in the Country. —From Francis Hulton, and Lionel Self, against Alteration of the Timber Duties.—From Cork, for the Abolition of Ministers' Money, and for the Reduction of the Import Duties.—From Dublin, that Licensed Victuallers in Ireland may be placed on the same footing as those of England and Scotland.—From Ilkeston, Devonport, Otter, Belchamp, and other places, against any further Grant to Maynooth College.—From Drumbo, Demsfort, Belfast, and other places, against the present System of Education (Ireland).—From Bethnal Green, Bridport, and Manchester, for the Repeal of the Com-laws.—From Kirktling, against the Corn Importation Bill.—From Truro, for Abolition of Church Rates.