HC Deb 07 April 1842 vol 62 cc3-4
Mr. Wallace

rose to move, pursuant to notice, that the correspondence respecting the resignation of Lord Corehouse, formerly a judge in the supreme court of Scotland, and now retired on a pension for life, as the same was circulated by the said Lord Corehouse and the late Lord Advocate for Scotland, and was by them sent to many Members of both Houses of Parliament, be laid on the Table of this House. He could not imagine that any objection could be urged to the motion. He had got the papers in his hand at that moment, so that there could exist no difficulty in obtaining copies of them. They could not be considered private, for they had been circulated to a considerable extent amongst public men, and six Scotch judges, six peers of Parliament, besides many Members of the late and present Government, were referred to in the correspondence. If there were any portions of the correspondence which it might be considered desirable to omit, he would not object to it; but he was desirous of using some parts of the papers in support of a motion which he intended to bring on on the 19th instant. He concluded by moving for the papers.

Sir J. Graham

said, that the hon. Gentleman had stated no parliamentary ground for his motion. The correspondence in question, although it had been circulated amongst a few persons who were referred to in it, was still of a private character. The hon Member, in obtaining a copy of the correspondence, had been more fortunate than he had been; for some time he had made the strictest inquiries for a copy in London, but did not succeed in obtaining it. If the hon. Member required to refer to the correspondence, when he should bring forward the motion to which he referred he could use the copy he had for the purpose.

Mr. Wallace

said, he did not need to be told by the right hon. Baronet that he could make use of the copy of the correspondence which he had in his possession. He certainly could do so. As the motion was opposed, he would, to save the time of the House, withdraw it.

Motion withdrawn.