HC Deb 29 September 1841 vol 59 cc1004-5
Mr. Forster

, seeing the noble Lord the Secretary of State in his place, wished to ask him a question. He observed in the estimates which the House voted the other night a sum of money charged as paid to a Dr. Madden towards the expenses of a mission to the west coast of Africa. He understood that gentleman had returned to this country, and, after a very short stay in Africa, had made a very long report to Government. The question he wished to ask the noble Lord was simply this, when we might expect to see that report laid on the Table of the House?

Lord Stanley

said, that Dr. Madden having been sent out as a commissioner by the late Government to make various inquiries of a confidential nature with reference to the state of our settlements on the western coast of Africa had furnished four reports, one relating to Sierra Leone, another to the Gambia, and another to the Gold Coast. The fourth was confined exclusively to medical subjects. To the production of that he believed there was no objection; but the other three treated of matters of the greatest importance and secrecy, of matters connected with individuals, affecting our foreign policy, and our relations with the trade legally and illegally carried on on the coast of Africa. In the present position of the Government he should not feel himself warranted in laying on the Table of the House, the whole of these matters, but he could assure the hon. Member that they were under the most anxious consideration of her Majesty's Government.

Bill read a second time.