HC Deb 27 September 1841 vol 59 cc823-4

On the Report of the Committee of Supply being brought up.

Captain Pechell

said, he regretted the absence of the right hon. Member for Dorchester, but he could not omit the opportunity of expressing his sentiments seeing the misapprehensions on the part of military men upon the subject, which had been brought before the House by his hon. and gallant Friend, the Member for Marylebone. That hon. Member stated the unfitness of certain stores for the use, either of the army or navy, and that a naval officer should be placed over the Board of Ordnance, to which the Member for Tamworth replied, that there was no occasion for a naval officer being so placed over that Board. In that proposition he entirely concurred. He thought it competent for any officer in the army to be attached to the Board of Ordnance, but what he contended for was, that the Board of Ordnance was so connected with the Admiralty, that it was absolutely necessary that a naval officer should be a member of the Ordnance Board. It was surprising that his hon. and gallant Friend and Sir R. Stopford, were able to obtain the thanks of the House, when the inefficient state of the Naval Department as to stores and muskets, was such as his hon. Friend had so justly described. He should always find it imperative on him, when the Ordnance Estimates were brought forward, to give free expression to his sentiments on this subject.

Captain Plumridge

concurred in the hon. Member's remark, but would reserve what he had lo say for a future occasion.

Report received. Resolution agreed to.