HC Deb 21 September 1841 vol 59 cc692-3

On the vote for the National Gallery.

Sir C. Burrell

said, he wished to call the attention of his right hon. Friend to an alledged fact which, if it were well founded, showed that pictures were ad-milted to the National Gallery which were a disgrace to it. It was said, that a work of Perugino, sold to Mr. Beckford originally for 40l. or 50l., had been bought for the National Gallery out of that gentleman's collection for 800l. If what had been stated to him were true, the picture would be a disgrace to it. The picture had been so much altered that it had been nearly repainted, and a bandeau, which was formerly on the forehead of one of the figures, had been entirely removed. If, indeed, his information were correct a very indifferent painting had been palmed off on the public at a very large price. His only object in mentioning this was to call the attention of the right hon. Baronet to the subject, that care might be observed in future in purchasing pictures for the National Gallery.

Resolution agreed to.