HC Deb 20 September 1841 vol 59 cc667-8

On a grant of 5,000l. in aid of local subscriptions for the establishment of Schools of Design in large towns.

Mr. Williams

said, he approved of this grant, but regretted that he could not find people in any town to combine for the purpose of extending the advantages of schools of design among their fellow-townsmen, and hoped that the Government would use some strenuous efforts to promote their establishment.

Sir R. Peel

said, he should never object to the grant of public money for such a purpose. He thought that it would be a great benefit to the country if schools of designs were established generally throughout all manufacturing districts, but he was quite certain that Government alone should not take it up, but should invite the co-operation of persons on the spot, who, it was hoped, would take a sufficient interest in the matter as to co-operate actively with the Government. Unless individuals in the respective localities assisted Government, he was very much afraid it would not be as successful as they wished.

Mr. Ewart

concurred in the views which had been taken by the right hon. Baronet.

Dr. Bowring

said, that there could not be any doubt but the most successful schools on the Continent were those where where the Government had been assisted by the persons residing in the locality.

Mr. Williams

said, he had heard the opinions of the right hon. Baronet with the greatest satisfaction.

Vote agreed to.