HC Deb 20 September 1841 vol 59 cc673-4
Sir Thomas Freemantle,

in proposing the second reading of the Royal Gardens Bill, hoped the House would allow it to be advanced a stage, though the hour was late, on the condition that the discussion should be taken on a future stage of the bill.

Mr. Protheroe

said, he had yet heard no argument upon this subject which had had sufficient weight with him to induce him to consent to the bill passing through another stage, and he must therefore, however reluctantly, oppose its further progress on the present occasion.

Mr. Wakley

said, he feared a division would be of no use, if the Government were determined to carry out their measure. He had, the other evening, begged the right hon. Baronet to go and visit the spot on which it was proposed to build, and he was sure, if the right hon. Baronet would personally look at the place itself he would not persevere with the bill.

Sir Robert Peel

I have taken the advice of the hon. Member, and have visited the spot in question—and I must say, that I do not, after having done so, feel the force of his objections to the proposed plan, for I found, that on going from Kensington Palace to the Uxbridge road, the land on which it is proposed to build, is all on the left hand of the path which bounds Kensington-gardens. It is ground which has never been open to the public; and, besides, it is only intended to build villas upon it, which will not occupy the same space as would a street of continuous houses. There will be as much open space left after the villas are built as there is now, and the health of the neighbourhood will be much more promoted by the alteration of the place, as proposed, than by leaving it in its present state, or building streets upon it. If we admit that the object of consolidating the gardens is a useful one, it is surely better to devote the Crown land to the purpose proposed, and that we should vote the money required in this way, than that we should come down next year, and ask for 1000l. under the head of Crown lands in the estimates.

Bill read a second time.— Adjourned.