HC Deb 20 September 1841 vol 59 cc623-4
Mr. Yorke

wished to know from the right hon. Baronet opposite, whether there would be any difficulty in the way of the introduction into the Poor Law Bill which the right hon. Baronet had announced it to be his intention to propose a clause which would take from the Poor Law Commissioners a power which, directly or indirectly, they now had? The subject to which the clause which he contemplated referred, was that of the indiscriminate separation of map and wife.

Sir R. Peel

said, he should be better prepared specifically to answer the question at the silting of the House on the next day. But he could at once inform the hon. Gentleman, that he should take care to adopt such a course in reference to the new bill, as would not prevent any hon. Member from bringing the subject in question before the House.

Mr. Yorke

felt obliged to the right hon. Baronet for the general assurance he had given. But, that his views on the subject might not be misunderstood, he would take leave to inform the right hon. Baronet, that should any difficulty arise in the introduction of such a clause into the bill now proposed by the right hon. Baronet, he should, as far as he was concerned, endeavour to procure its insertion in a second bill.—Subject at an end.