HC Deb 06 September 1841 vol 59 c492

A bill for the indemnification of the right hon. John Saville Lumley, Earl of Scarborough, from the penalties incurred by him, in having sat and voted in the House of Lords, without having first duly taken the oaths, and signed the Parliamentary roll, to which they asked the concurrence of the House, was brought down from the House of Lords, and read first time.

Sir T. Fremantle

briefly stated the object of the bill, and said, that he had been requested to apply to the House that the standing orders might be suspended, and the bill passed through all its stages that evening. The hon. Gentleman cited the case of the Earl of Harborough, in 1820, as a precedent.

Viscount Palmerston

was ready to give his assent to the proposed course of proceeding.

Mr. Wakley

said, that he did not mean to oppose the bill, but rose to express a hope, that when, through ignorance, a poor man violated the law, the same course would be pursued in respect of his offence.

Bill passed through its several stages, and returned to the Lords.

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