HC Deb 07 May 1841 vol 58 cc88-9

On the motion that the Report on the Criminal Justice Bill be brought up,

Sir C. Douglas

moved to insert the following clause:— And whereas, by reason of the granting of charters of incorporation to the mayor, aldermen, and burgesses, of the borough of Birmingham, in the county of Warwick, and to the mayor, aldermen, and burgesses of the boroughs of Manchester and Bolton, in the county of Lancaster, and of a grant of a separate Court of Sessions to each of the same boroughs, the coroner for the county of Warwick, acting within the hundred of Hemlingford, and the coronor for the county of Lan- caster, acting within the hundred of Salford, have been deprived of the fees and emoluments arising from their offices within the said boroughs respectively, and it is just that compensation be therefore made to them in like manner as if they had been officers of a borough or county before the passing of the said act of the sixth year of his late Majesty who were removed from their offices under the provisions of that act: be it therefore enacted, that the said coroners shall respectively be entitled to have an adequate compensation, to be paid out of the borough fund of the said boroughs of Birmingham, Manchester, and Bolton, respectively, for the fees and emoluments of their said offices arising within the said boroughs, and from the date of the grants of such separate Courts of Sessions; and that all the provisions of the said act of the sixth year of the reign of his late Majesty relating to the claim of any corporate officer for compensation on account of being removed from his office, and to the manner of determining and securing the amount of such compensation, shall apply to the said coroners; provided always, that the statements to be delivered to the town council by the said coroners shall set forth the fees and emoluments in respect whereof they shall claim compensation, during five years next preceding the grants of the separate Courts of Sessions to the said boroughs of Birmingham, Manchester, and Bolton. respectively; and that in estimating the amount of such compensation the said coroners shall be deemed to have held their offices for the term of life.

Mr. M. Philips

said, that finding the hon. Baronet would not omit the word "Manchester" from the clause, he felt bound to oppose it altogether.

The House divided on the question that the clause be read a second time: Ayes 54; Noes 4: Majority 50.

List of the AYES.
Acland, Sir T. D. Hawes, B.
Antrobus, E. Hinde, J. H.
Bateson, Sir R. Horsman, E.
Bentinck, Lord G. Howard, hn. C.W.G.
Blackburne, I. Hughes, W. B.
Burroughes, H. N. Hutton, R.
Campbell, Sir J. Inglis, Sir R. H.
Clerk, Sir G. Jackson, Mr. Serjeant
Collier, J. Kemble, H.
Dalrymple, Sir A. Litton, E.
Darby, G. Mildmay, P. St. J.
Drummond, H. H. Monypenny, T. G.
Eaton, R. J. Mordaunt, Sir J.
Egerton, Lord F. Morpeth, Viscount
Follett, Sir W. Nicholl, J.
Gordon, R. Packe, C. W.
Goulburn, rt. hon. H Peel, right hon. Sir R.
Greene, T. Perceval, Colonel
Grey, rt. hon. Sir C. Pigot, right hon. D.
Hastie, A, Plumptre, J. P.
Polhill, F. Stanley, hon. E. J.
Pringle, A. Talbot, C. R. M.
Pryme, G. Talfourd, Mr. Serj.
Rae, right hon. Sir W. Wilbraham, hon. B.
Roche, W. Williams, W.
Rutherfurd, rt. hn. A.
Shaw, right hon. F. TELLERS.
Sibthorp, Colonel Douglas, Sir C. E.
Somers, J. P. Fremantle, Sir T.
List of the NOES.
Aglionby, H. A.
Brotherton, J. TELLERS.
Marsland, H. Phillips, M.
Thornely, T. Greg, R. H.

Clause inserted—report agreed to.