HC Deb 05 May 1841 vol 57 c1454

Bills. Read a first time:—Exchequer Bills.—Read a second time:—Salmon Fisheries (Scotland, No. 1); Enrolment of Burgesses; Salmon Fisheries (Scotland, No. 2).

Petitions presented. By Mr. Easthope, Mr. Villiers, Mr. Brotherton, Mr. G. W. Wood, and Mr. Hawes, from Leicester, Manchester, Westmorland, Yorkshire, Kendal, Lambeth, and an immense number of other places, for a Repeal of the Corn-laws.—By Mr. Alston, Mr. Busfeild. Mr. Strutt, and other hon. Members, from Hertfordshire, Bradford, Derby, and other places, against Church Rates, and Ecclesiastical Courts.—By Sir R. Inglis, Mr. Handley, Lord Charles Manners, and several other hon. Members, from Cambridge, Wilts, York, Lincoln, Leicester, and a great many other places, for Church Extension.—By Mr. Strutt, from Derby, in favour of the Drainage Bill.—By Sir J. Y. Buller, from Rate-payers of St. Thomas's, in Devonshire, against the Poor-law.—By Mr. T, Dun. combe, from St. George's, Southwark, for inquiry into the Violation of the Anatomy Act; and from Glasgow, for the Extension of the Franchise.—By Mr. Sergeant Jackson, from a place in Fermanagh, against Maynooth.—By Mr. R. Clive, from a place in Salop, for the better Remuneration of Coroners.—By Mr. Greig, Colonel Conolly, and Mr. Wallace, from Perthshire, Ibber-muir, Ballyshannon, and Renfrewshire, for the Abolition of Church Patronage (Scotland).—By Dr. Lushington, from Antigua, against the Introduction into England of Sugar raised by Slave Labour.