HC Deb 29 March 1841 vol 57 c657

Bills. Head a second time:—Population; Grand Jury Presentments (Ireland); Collection of Rates (Dublin); Designs of Copyright.

Petitions presented. By Captain Egerton, Mr. W. Patten, Sir H. Inglis, and Mr. G. W. Hope, from Chester, Gloucester, Lancashire. Canterbury, and other places, for Church Extension.—By Mr. V. Smith, from Northampton, in favour of the Jews Declaration Bill.—By Sir De L. Evans, from St. James's, Westminster, against the Middlesex Quarter Sessions Bill.—By Mr. Green, from Lancaster, against the existing Import Duties.—By Sir E. B. Vere, and Mr. Dennison, from Suffolk, and Dorking, in farour of the New Poor-law.—By Mr. E. Tennent, and Mr. Elliot, from Down, Melrose, and Selkirk, against Lay Patronage in the Church of Scotland By Sir W. Follett, from Medical Practitioners of Exeter, against the mode of Appointing Medical Officers under the Poor-law Bill; and from several of the Clergymen, and Beneficed holders of Tithes in Sussex, on the subject of the Assessment of Tithes under the Parochial Assessment Act.—By Mr. T. Duncombe, from Bermondsey, in favour of the People's Charter, and for the Liberation of Mr. O'Connor,—By Mr. Lascelles, from Wakefield, against Idolatry in India.—By Mr. Hume, from Hawick, and Arbroath, for Inquiry into Socialism; from a Christian Chartist Church, for the Liberation of Hetherington; from the Tower Hamlets, for the Liberation of Robert Peddie; from Walworth, Westminster, and Wandsworth, for the Liberation of Chartists; from the Baptists of Brentford, and from Protestant Dissenters of Albany Chapel, against Church Rates; and from Perthshire, for Universal Suffrage—By Lord Stanley, from Monaghan, for Abolition of Unions; and from Lancashire, complaining of the state of the Law with regard to Irish Paupers.—By Mr. C. Lushington, from Ashburton, against Medical Reform.

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