HC Deb 22 March 1841 vol 57 c454
Mr. Grote

said, having heard many complaints respecting the closing of the Green Park, he begged to ask the hon. Gentleman, the Secretary for the Treasury, whether it was temporary or permanent?

Mr. E. J. Stanley

said, that the walks were being repaired, and when that was done it would be re-opened to the public.

Mr. Slaney

said, seeing the hon. Member, the Under-Secretary for the Home Department in his place, he begged to ask him a question. He had observed, that several fairs in the neighbourhood of London had been put down. He wished to know whether any attempt had been made to regulate them, and so to prevent the abuses which had occurred, that they might be attended with no inconvenience to the inhabitants before this step was taken?

Mr. F. Maule

said, his hon. Friend should have given him notice of the question; but he was quite sure that they had not teen put down until they had become public nuisances.

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