HC Deb 08 March 1841 vol 57 cc46-7
Mr. E. Tennent

said, that in compliance with a suggestion of the right hon. Gentleman, the Vice President of the Board of Trade, he intended to comprise all the legislation on this subject into one bill. He should therefore move, before going into committee, an instruction to the committee to that effect.

Mr. Sheil

said, as it was proposed to amend the law of copyright, with regard to linen, cotton, and wool, respecting which there were no less than five acts of Parliament, it had appeared to him that it would be much wiser to consolidate these acts, so as to bring the law of the subject within a small compass. He understood it was intended to extend the copyright of paperstaining to three years. With regard to metals, the copyright in designs extended at present to three years, but the copyright for configurations and shape lasted only one year. It was proposed to make all three years.

Mr. Hindley

asked, whether the protection to be given was to dale from the registration, or the publication of the design?

Mr. Sheil

thought that point would be better discussed in committee.

On the motion of Mr. E. Tennent, the House went into committee pro formâ .

Mr. Hindley having repeated his question,

M. E. Tennent

said, the protection was to date from the registration.

Amendments agreed to.

House resumed.

Bill reported.—To be re-committed.