HC Deb 03 March 1841 vol 56 cc1300-1
Mr. F. Maule

in moving that the House go into a committee of the whole House, stated that the object of the resolution which he was about to propose in connection with the County Courts Bill, was to provide against a contingency which might by possibility arise. The resolution was necessary in order to enable the Government to pay the salaries to the judges of these courts, if there should happen to be a deficiency of fees for that purpose. It was not apprehended that there would be any occasion to act upon this clause, because it was hoped that there would be more than ample funds to discharge their demands.

Colonel Sibthorp

said, he had always heard a great deal said by Whigs, as to the expectation that no money would be wanting to pay salaries; but he thought the House should know from what resources they were to draw these monies. He liked to see what was in the purse, before he assented to a proposition of expenditure of any kind. He hoped the hon. Member for Kilkenny would practise a little of his favourite doctrine now.

Mr. Hume

said, the hon. and gallant Member pretended a good deal about economy, but did not mean quite so much. He was ready to practise it whenever he could do so with justice; but at present there was no difficulty, for there was no money to be raised now; but they were now called upon to agree to a resolution, pledging the House to provide as much of the salaries as the fees might not supply; though he did not think the House would be called upon for a single farthing. He was, however, desirous to know to what extent the proposed courts would have jurisdiction, and what the salaries of the judges would be. When the question came before committee, he should consider the station of the judges, the duties they would have to execute, and the stipends they were to get.

Mr. F. Maule

, in reply to the hon. Member, stated, that the amount of debt to which the courts would be allowed to adjudicate would not exceed 20l., and the salaries of the judges would not exceed 1,500l. in any case; and even a judge should not have so much except his whole time would be occupied.

The House then went into committee.

Mr. F. Maule

moved, that provision should be made out of the consolidated fund of the United Kingdom to meet any deficiency that might arise in the funds applicable to the payment of expenses of County Courts, to be created by a bill in the present Session of Parliament.

Resolution agreed to.

The House resumed.

The report to be brought up on Friday.