HC Deb 09 June 1841 vol 58 c1352

Bills. Read a first time:ߞCounty Bridges; Highway Rates.ߞRead a second time:ߞMetropolis Improvements.ߞRead a third time:ߞCharitable Trusts.

Petitions presented. By Sir Mathew Wood, Mr. Vivian, Mr. Greig, Mr. Gillon, Mr. O'Connell, Colonel Salwey, Mr. W. O. Stanley, and other hon. Members, from Cornwall, Stirlingshire, Lanark, Dundee, Salford, Anglesea, and a great many other places, for a Repeal of the Corn-laws.ߞBy Mr. H. Vernon, Sir G. Filmer, Colonel Sib-thorp, and other hon. Members, from a great many places, against a Repeal of the Corn-laws.ߞBy Sir R. Bateson, and Mr. H. Bailey, from places in the county of Londonderry, and from Inverness, for the Abolition of Patronage in the Church of Scotland.ߞBy Mr. Plumptre, from-Glastonbury, Turlangton, and other places, for the Repeal of the Roman Catholic Relief Act.ߞBy Mr. T. Duncombe, from William Bilbie, complaining of Bribery at Nottingham during the late Election from London, Lei- cester, Leamington, and other places, for the Release o Persons confined for Political Offences; and from Arfbroath, for the Establishment of the People's Charter— By Mr. Hindley, from the Society for the Protection of the Aborigines of our Colonies, for Inquiry into the Execution of two natives of Australia for the alleged Murder of two Europeans.