HC Deb 07 June 1841 vol 58 cc1300-1
Sir J. Y. Buller

moved the committal of the Municipal Corporations Bill.

Sir C. Douglas

opposed the motion, on the ground that it would have a most injurious effect on his constituents.

Mr. Divett

wished this bill to be postponed until next Session.

Sir J. Y. Buller

said, he had been accused of bringing in a bill to plunder the town of Exeter, and he was anxious that the measure should be proceeded with, in order that those who were concerned might learn how groundless the accusation was, and that the bill would, on the contrary, be most beneficial to Exeter.

Sir Robert Peel

thought, that the bill was good and just in itself, but he entertained some doubts as to proceeding with it. He feared, that by doing so, they would be overloading the statute book with public general acts for local places. To a great extent this measure only applied to Exeter; but if it succeeded, they would be asked for acts of a similar character for a number of other places in detail. In his opinion it would be better to pass some general measure on the subject.

The House divided on the question that the Speaker do leave the Chair:—Ayes 58; Noes 31: Majority 27.

List of the AYES.
Acland, Sir T. D. Lygon, hon. General
Ainsworth, P. Morpeth, Viscount
Baring, rt. hn. F. T. Muskett, G. A.
Barry, G. S. Nicholl, J.
Berkeley, hon. G. O'Brien, W. S.
Bolling, W. Palmer, G.
Brotherton, J. Parker, R. T.
Campbell, Sir J. Parnell, rt. hn. Sir H.
Clerk, Sir G. Patten, J. W.
Clive, hon. R. H. Peel, rt. hn. Sir R.
Copeland, Mr. Ald. Pendarves, E. W. W.
Courtenay, P. Philips, M.
De Horsey, S. H. Plumptre, J. P.
Ewart, W. Pryme, G.
Ferguson, Sir R. A. Pusey, P.
Gordon, R. Rae, rt. hn. Sir W.
Greg, R. H. Richards, R.
Grey, rt. hon. Sir G. Sibthorp, Colonel
Grimsditch, T. Stewart, J.
Hardinge, rt. hn. Sir H Stock, Mr. Serjeant
Hepburn, Sir T. B. Turner, E.
Herries, rt. hon. J. C Wakley, T.
Hindley, C. Warburton, H.
Hobhouse, T. B. White, A.
Hope, hon. C. Wilbraham, hon. B.
Howard, P. H. Wilde, Sir T.
Hurt, F. Wilmot, Sir J. E.
Inglis, Sir R, H.
James, W. TELLERS.
Kemble, H. Buck, L. W.
Knatchbull, right hon Sir E. Buller, Sir J. Y.
List of the NOES.
Archbold, R. Philips, G. R.
Dugdale, W. S. Roche, Sir D.
Ellis, W. Rundle, J.
Evans, W. Scholefield, J.
Gillon, W. D. Shirley, E. J.
Graham, rt. hn. Sir J Smith, R. V.
Hawes, B. Style, Sir C.
Hector, C. J. Sugden, rt. hn. Sir E.
Hodgson, R. Thornely, T.
Hume, J. Turner, W.
Leader, J. T. Vernon, G.
Lowther, hn. Colonel Walker, R.
Macaulay, it. hn. T. B Wood, C.
Morris, D. Wynn, rt. hn. C. W.
O'Brien, C. TELLERS.
Pease, J. Divett, E.
Pechell, Captain Douglas, Sir C.

Bill went through Committee