HC Deb 19 February 1841 vol 56 c742
Sir R. Inglis

wished to ask the hon. Member for Lambeth to what day he proposed to postpone the second reading of this bill, as the hon. Member must be well aware that a bill affecting the interests of so large a body in the three kingdoms would not be read a second time that evening.

Mr. Hawes

said, he had no intention to press the second reading to-night. He might now state, that in the committee it was his intention to propose to strike out all that part of the bill relating to chymists and druggists.

Mr. Wakley

said, as his hon. Friend had brought his mind to strike out that part, he would entreat him to strike out the other portion of the bill also, because in such a shape it would not be satisfactory to any portion of the medical profession.

The Speaker

thought, as the hon. Gentleman proposed to postpone the bill, that he ought to state that the clauses relating to chymists and druggists, being clauses which affected trade, should have been brought in in the committee of the whole House. The more proper way now would be to bring in a new bill.

Mr. Hawes

would then withdraw the bill, and ask leave to introduce an amended measure.

Bill withdrawn.

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