HC Deb 30 August 1841 vol 59 c487
Sir V. Blake

spoke to the following effect:—Sir, I do not expect you will assent to my proposition to repeal the Oath of Supremacy without grave deliberation. That oath was the prop that was invented to sustain the Reformation in its infancy—and surely it cannot be considered as appropriate food to sustain the establishment, now that it has grown up to a position which will entitle it, if purely administered, to endure for ever. This oath, and the distinction between Whig and Tory, emanated from the same circumstance. The struggle between those two great parties of the State, which has lasted for a period of 200 years, may be said to be now suspended, if not terminated for ever. I speak those sentiments from a consideration of the manly and statesman-like pledge that was given within the last two nights, by the right hon. Member for Tarn worth, and if he is enabled to carry out the views by him so eloquently expressed, that distinction to which I have alluded will cease. But if he fails in the performance, he will, thereby, keep alive the distinction just in the same way that the Whigs, by neglecting those opportunities which they had to attach the whole empire to them, kept alive their opponents, and now their successors in office. Sir, I have the fullest confidence in the sincerity and honour of the right hon. Baronet, but I confess that I am doubtful of his power to allay the troubled spirits of some of his followers. It may be, however, prudent for them to recollect, that if he proves his sincerity, as I am sure he will, he will not require the aid of intemperate men to sustain him in power, while on the other hand, they can never exist as a party, ruling the destinies of this great empire, except in unison with him, and in accordance with his recently avowed principles. Sir, I think that the proper opportunity is not yet arrived to obtain a calm consideration of the merits of my intended bill for the abolition of this Oath of Supremacy, and, therefore, with the permission of the House, I beg leave to withdraw my notice for the present, as the whole object of my presenting it has already been accomplished.

Motion withdrawn.

House adjourned to the ensuing Monday.