HC Deb 26 August 1841 vol 59 cc270-1
Dr. Bowring

moved for a return of the amount of taxes levied on land in the different states of Europe, distinguishing the taxes raised for the service of the State from those levied for local purposes; the return to show the amount in the moneys and measures the different states, and to be rendered into British moneys and measures; also returns exhibiting the proportion borne by the land tax (as approximately as it can be estimated) to the value or rental of land in the different countries of Europe.

Mr. Labouchere

wished to call the at tention of the House to the nature of the return which had been moved for. It was a return, not for any information connected with this country, but with foreign countries. He did not mean to say, but that he considered it very desirable, that such information should be laid before the House, as he considered it calculated to throw great light on many subjects on which they would be called on to legislate, but they ought to be careful in what shape they asked for information of this description. It could only be obtained through the medium of our consuls, and he doubted if they could obtain accurate information. If his hon. Friend would postpone his motion until to-morrow, he would in the mean time consider the subject, and endeavour to put it into such a shape as to obtain the information desired, but he certainly must object to asking for information of a definite and precise nature from our consuls abroad, when it could hardly be expected that the information which they could furnish would be accurate. He, therefore, thought it would be better to postpone the motion, and bring it forward again in a more general shape.

Motion withdrawn.