HC Deb 22 May 1840 vol 54 c504

Petitions presented. By Mr. Vigors, Mr. Macaulay, Mr. Villiers, and Mr. Grote, from Newry, Dundee, Islington, Edinburgh, and various other places, for a Repeal of the Corn-laws.—By Mr. Currie, from Northampton, for the Abolition of Church Rates.—By Mr. Hutton, from Dublin, in favour of the Chimney Sweepers Bill By Mr. Bridgman, from Ennis, against the Irish Registration Bill.—By Mr. O'Connor Don, from Roscommon, against the Irish Registration Bill.—By Colonel Verner, from Bannagher, against the Flour Importation (Ireland) Bill.—By Admiral Adam, from Kinross, for the Separation of Church and State.—By Mr. Maunsell, from a place in Northampton, for the Exclusion of Roman Catholics from Parliament.—By Mr. Ewart, from the Dissenters of Wigan, against Church Extension; and for the Total Extinction of Church-rates.