HC Deb 18 May 1840 vol 54 cc178-9
Mr. Mackinnon

begged to ask a question of the right hon. Gentleman the President of the Board of Trade with regard to the pilotage of the coasting steam vessels. In the year 1835 a commission had been appointed to inquire into the system of pilotage, and the report was, that all steam-vessels, whose voyages did not exceed twenty-four hours' duration, and having proper persons on board, capable of navigating them, ought not to be required to take in pilots. He wished to know whether any intention existed on the part of the government to take any measures upon this recommendation?

Mr. Labouchere

had stated at an early period of the Session that he should be most desirous of bringing in a measure upon the subject of pilotage generally, because he considered that it was one which was of very great importance. He must confess, however, that after the reception which a bill introduced two years ago by Mr. Poulett Thomson met with, until he found a more general feeling to prevail in the House upon the subject, merging those local interests which had before actuated hon. Members in their opposition to the measure, he thought that it would be a useless waste of the time of the House to ask them to agree to any bill. If in any future Parliament in which he had the honour of holding the position with which he was now entrusted he perceived any probability of such a measure being successful, he should feel it to be his duty to bring the subject forward.

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