HC Deb 14 May 1840 vol 54 c74

Petitions presented. By Lord Worsley, Mr. Stansfield, Mr. Palmer, Mr. Gillon, and several others, from Perth, Southampton, Lincoln, and various other places, for a Total Repeal of the Corn-laws.—By Lord Hotham, from West Moulsey (Surrey), in favour of Church Extension; and from Great Ripon, York, for Medical Reform.— By Mr. Buck, Mr. Plumptre, and several others, from Newcastle, Kent, Leicester, and various other places, against any further Grants to Maynooth College.— By Mr. Warburton, from Huddersfield, against the Beer Bill.—By Colonel Thomas, from Kinsale, for the Amended Registration Bill—By Mr. Gillon, from Auchtermuchty, against Church Rates, and for the Release of John Thorogood; and from Leith, Lanark, Falkirk, Newton, and Stewart, for the Repeal of Post-horse Duties.—By Sir W. Somerville, from Drogheda, against the Irish Registration Act.—By Mr. Hutt, from Gateshead, against that Clause of the Constabulary Bill consolidating the Police of Boroughs and Counties.—By Sir E. Wilmot, from Aston, against the Birmingham Police Bill.—By Mr. Round, Mr. G. Knight, and Sir Robert Peel, from Essex, Devon, Gloucester, and various places, in favour of Church Extension.—By Mr. Wood, Mr. Leader, and others, from Glasgow, Bridgewater, and various other places, against any Grant for Church Extension.—By Lord Adare, and Mr. Blennerhasset, from Limerick, and Emscorthy, for Lord Stanley's Registration Act.—By Lord Clements, from Leitrim, against Lord Stanley's Registration Act—By Lord G. Lennox, from Sussex, in favour of the Clergy Reserves (Canada) Bill.— By Mr. Elliot, from Kelso, against Church Rates.—By Mr. Litton, from Kilkenny, in favour of the Irish Registration Bill.—By the Attorney-general, from the Chamber of Commerce, Edinburgh, that a Tax should be levied on the Gross Receipts of Railroads.

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