HC Deb 27 March 1840 vol 53 c219
Mr. Wallace

moved for "a return, in columns, of the names of the professors in the University of Glasgow whose duties are at present performed by assistants, or substitutes, with the names of these; stating the professor-snip, and duration of the incumbency of each such professor; also the length of time during which the duties of his office, in whole or in part, respectively, have been discharged by an assistant or substitute, with the cause which rendered it necessary to have recourse to such services, and the authority under which any professor was empowered to delegate his duties."

Sir James Graham

, while he disputed the right of the House to order such a return as that moved for by the hon. Gentleman, would not, on the part of the learned body to which the motion referred, oppose it, as it might appear to arise from a desire on their part to evade inquiry. Brat he believed that it would be found that those professors of the University of Glasgow, who had given their lectures by deputy, were regius professors, who were compelled by age and sickness to do so, and who were induced to continue to hold their offices, tinder such circumstances, because no retiring allowances were provided for them.

Motion agreed to.