HC Deb 13 March 1840 vol 52 c1167

Bills. Read a second time:—Mutiny; Marine Mutiny.—Read a third time:—Horse Racing.

Petitions presented. By Messrs. Greg, Wallace, Sanford, M. Philips, Brotherton, Elliot, W. Evans, Turner, F. Maule, Ewart, Hume, Lord John Russell, and Sir G. Strickland, from a very great number of places, for, and by Messrs. R. Palmer, F. French, Viscount Cole, and the Earl of Lincoln, from six places, against the Total Repeal of the Corn-laws By Mr. Pemberton, from some Irish Barristers, for the Release of Sheriff Evans.—By Mr. F. French, from several places, for Medical Reform; from Roscommon, for an Extension of the Suffrage; and from Tuam, for Railways in Ireland.—By Sir C. B. Vere, from one place, against the Grant to Maynooth College; and from another, against the Irish Corporation Bill.—By Sir R. Peel, from Derby, for Religious Instruction.—By Lord J. Russell, from Cornwall, for not Assessing Workhouses.—By Mr. Hume, from Colling-shaw, for Law Reform in Scotland; from other places, for Universal Suffrage, and Vote by Ballot.—By Sir R. H. Inglis, from several places, for Religious Instruction, and against the Irish Corporation Bill.—By Viscount San-don, from Rochester, for the better Regulation of Beer Houses.—By Viscount Cole, and Mr. Packe, from two places, against the Grant to Maynooth College.—By Mr. Crawford, from a Parish hi London, for Church Extension.—By Mr. T. Duncombe, from Finsbury, and Cornwall, for the Liberation of Lovett and Collins.—By Sir J. Graham, and Mr. F. Maule, from several places, for Non-Intrusion.—By Mr. Brocklehurst, from Macclesfleld, for the Release of John Thorogood, and the Abolition of Church Rates, and of the Jurisdiction of Ecclesiastical ourts.