HC Deb 15 June 1840 vol 54 cc1202-4

On the motion for going into committee on the Ecclesiastical Duties and Revenues Bill,

Lord John Russell

said, that he had to state to the House, that her Majesty had signified her gracious intention of founding two new professorships at Oxford University, the one for ecclesiastical history, and the other for Biblical criticism. It was his intention, in committee on the bill, to propose to endow them with two canonries of Christ Church.

House in Committee.

Clause 1 was agreed to.

Upon clause 2,

Lord Eliot

complained, that from the existing peculiar situation of the Chapter of Exeter, the bill would have the effect of taking from it a much larger portion of its income, than from any other foundation. He proposed, therefore, the insertion of the name of this chapter into the clause.

Lord John Russell

thought, that although there were some reasons for taking this step, they were not so strong, as to call for the adoption of the amendment; and he conceived, that if he were to consent to its being carried out, many other claims of a similar character might be made. In consideration of the great want of parochial funds, he thought he was bound to give up a great deal of the existing magnificence and splendour of cathedral establishments.

Mr. S. Herbert

thought, that the error of the clause was, that it applied one sweeping provision to many cases, whose circumstances were different. As the discussion had come on somewhat unexpectedly, he suggested, that the clause should be postponed.

Lord Teignmouth

proposed the insertion of the words "subject to the provisions hereinafter contained," after the words, "And be it further enacted," at the commencement of the clause.

Amendment negatived.

House resumed.

Chairman reported progress.—Committee to sit again.