HC Deb 05 June 1840 vol 54 cc954-5
Sir J. Graham

wished to ask a question of the hon. and learned Gentleman the Solicitor-General for Ireland. About ten days ago the hon. and learned Gentleman had obtained leave to bring in a bill to amend the registration system in Ireland, and he had also notified to the House that he intended to introduce a second bill, to deal with the subject of the new definition of "a beneficial interest," including the direction of an appellate tribunal for the assistant-barristers registering votes in Ireland. He had brought in the first of these bills, but it was not yet printed, though the order had been made. He had also obtained leave to bring in the second bill, but he had not introduced it as yet. He begged to remind the hon. and learned Gentleman of the promise which he had made to him upon that occasion. He (Sir J. Graham) had said that it was most desirable that these bills should both be in the hands of Members before the House was asked to take another step in the bill of his noble Friend the Member for North Lancashire. The hon. and learned Gentleman had given his assurance that both these bills would be in the hands of Members in a few days. Ten days had elapsed but they were not yet forthcoming. One of them might be printed and delivered before Thursday; but unless he presented the second bill either that night or the following day, it was impossible that it could be in the possession of Members on Thursday, when the debate would come on. He wished therefore, to ask the hon. and learned Gentleman, whether to night or to morrow he would present the second bill, for the definition of the beneficial interests.

Mr. Pigot

, I can't introduce the second bill either to night or to morrow. The first will be ready by Thursday.

Sir J. Graham

was then to understand that it was not possible upon Thursday next to have the second bill.

Subject dropped.

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