HC Deb 29 July 1840 vol 55 cc1104-6

Upon the motion of Mr. Poulett Scrope, the Order of the Day for the further consideration of the report on the Parochial Assessments Bill was read.

Mr. G. Knight moved, that the bill be recommitted this day three months.

Captain Pechell

gave a qualified support to the bill, and thought it advisable to go into committee upon it, in order to rid it of its objectionable features, retaining those clauses which were likely to prove good and useful. He objected to the extensive powers given to the overseers, but approved of the proposed appeal to the borough magistrates.

Mr. P. Scrope

hoped the hon. Gentlemen opposite would not persist in opposing the progress of the bill. In committee he should be prepared to make some alterations, in order to render it more palatable to the hon. Members who had spoken on the subject.

The House divided:—Ayes 35: Noes 12: Majority 23.

House in Committee.

On clause 4,

Captain Pechell

objected to the amount of the penalty to be levied by this clause on overseers if they did not discharge their duty properly. He thought it ought to be reduced from 5l. to 20s.

Mr. Goulburn

looked on the clause as a vague piece of legislation.

Sir A. Dalrymple

was of opinion, that it would press with too great severity on those public officers.

Mr. P. Scrope

defended the clause, on the ground that it was necessary to prevent the frauds which often took place in rating.

The Committee divided on the question that the clause stand:—Ayes 38; Noes 14: Majority 24.

List of the AYES.
Adam, Admiral Norreys, Sir D.
Aglionby, H. A. Palmerston, Viscount
Baines, E. Philips, M.
Baring, rt. hn. F. T. Pigot, D. R.
Brotherton, J. Scholefield, J.
Campbell, Sir J. Seymour, Lord.
Ferguson, Sir R. Sheil, rt. hn. R. L.
Greenaway, C. Smith, J. A.
Grey, rt. hn. Sir C. Stanley, hon. E. J.
Grey, rt. hn. Sir G. Steuart, R.
Handley, H. Stuart, Lord
Hawes, B. Stock, Dr.
Hindley, C. Talbot, C. R. M.
Hobhouse, T. B. Thornely, T.
Leader, J. T. Wakley, T.
Macaulay, rt. hn. T. B. Warburton, H.
Maule, hon. F. Wood, B.
Morpeth, Viscount
Morris, D. TELLERS.
Muntz, G. F. Scrope, P.
Muskett, G. A. Hoskins, K.
List of the NOES.
Ashley, Viscount Irton, S.
Broadley, H. Palmer, G.
Burrell, Sir C. Pechell, Captain
Dalrymple, Sir A. Sandon, Viscount
Evans, Sir De L. Young, J.
Gordon, R.
Goulburn, rt. hn. H. TELLERS.
Grimsditch, T. Knight, G.
Hodges, T. L. Wood, Col. T.

Clause agreed to.